Thursday, January 3, 2013

The limping warrior

Half my life had I been in this fight,
 It is the kingdom of darkness that I fight,
 with Your might that I will smite,
So hard that the devil starts to hide.

With Your prayer as my shield,
Your grace and mercy I will yield,
Sorry for feeling inadequate,
For the fact is that whatever You had done, are doing and will be doing is more than adequate.

Though the fiery missiles may seem relentless and infinite,
But the strength and grace You had given beyond infinite,
Death of any might not save as many,
Oh Jesus, none but You that had saved that many.

Limping or not, I will still serve,
For it is not the perfect that can serve,
But rather, You took away my garments that are dirty,
And cover me over Your cloak of glory.

Into Your hands I commit again,
That my spirit, body and soul will have the gain.
The gain of food that lasts even when the body decays,
Spiritual food that can shine forth a light upon my path throughout my days.

With the price that we perceived free,
Which costed You so dearly,
That You had won me,
And You had broken every chain with love and mercy.