Thursday, January 3, 2013

The limping warrior

Half my life had I been in this fight,
 It is the kingdom of darkness that I fight,
 with Your might that I will smite,
So hard that the devil starts to hide.

With Your prayer as my shield,
Your grace and mercy I will yield,
Sorry for feeling inadequate,
For the fact is that whatever You had done, are doing and will be doing is more than adequate.

Though the fiery missiles may seem relentless and infinite,
But the strength and grace You had given beyond infinite,
Death of any might not save as many,
Oh Jesus, none but You that had saved that many.

Limping or not, I will still serve,
For it is not the perfect that can serve,
But rather, You took away my garments that are dirty,
And cover me over Your cloak of glory.

Into Your hands I commit again,
That my spirit, body and soul will have the gain.
The gain of food that lasts even when the body decays,
Spiritual food that can shine forth a light upon my path throughout my days.

With the price that we perceived free,
Which costed You so dearly,
That You had won me,
And You had broken every chain with love and mercy.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wish for another wish

If I had a wish, I would ask for three more. First wish so that mankind would not be selfish, second is to wish that people will not get jealous towards each other, a final wish that in case the two wishes in front does not get fulfilled, that mankind will accept Jesus as their personal saviour, willingly and willfully converted and discipled upon, so that the first two wishes would also be fulfilled simultaneously

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cry for homeland

Lord, the injustice, unrighteousness and the unfairness has struck upon your servants. We are sorry that in times we get complacent. But Lord, for if you are silent, we might as well give up. But I know that You have been there, You will never leave us nor forsake us, just uphold what is righteous, just and fair oh Lord of Heaven's Army !

I pray for :

1. God fearing leaders who fear the One True God

2. Corrupt acts to be stopped right now

3. Leaders who will be just, fair and righteous

4. Leaders who are full of godly wisdom and intelligent

5.That giving thanks would be our focus instead of complaints

6. Forgiveness of citizens towards leaders who trespassed them

7. Breaking of curses and grudges held against this land of Malaysia for its government

8. Spiritual revival instead of judgment on this land with ungrateful, complacent people

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The parable of the barrel and the oil

I was worshiping last Saturday and Wilson asked if there's someone wanted to share, I chickened out and forgotten about it, and it came back together with an "expansion pack " just last night. And so, I shared.

I had this thought of this barrel/container filled with black stuffs. Next, it was a flow of water flowing constantly into the barrel. It then struck me, the water represents God's influence in our lives, and the "oil" refers to the dirty, tainted and the hidden dark side of us. In this analogy, the oil, sooner or later, when we have God's influence, will have to be displaced off by the water that is flowing in. The same principle applies when you have a cup of muddy water and you allow clean water to freely flow into the cup of muddy water, and the muddy water will eventually be displaced off.

We actually hold the key to the rate of flow of the water into the barrel so as to displace off the oil in our lives, and this rate of flow could be increased by spending more time with God via worship and quiet time and praying etc. As we seek Him through these methods, the barrel tends to be filled up more quickly, which will eventually displace off the oil.

But it dawned to me that, in often times, it is when we are broken and come as we are to God, the most amazing transformations occurs. Basically, God can work better on us when we are humble, broken and "mold-able", just like clay that is not dried up. And so, in relation to the barrel and the oil, it is when the barrel is punctured with a hole (we being broken), that our lives experience change in a faster, if not instantaneous manner because as the barrel (our lives; us) is being punctured with holes(us being broken), the oil (dirt and impurities in our lives) then tends to flow quickly out of the barrel (our lives). And with the remaining dirt sticking on the walls inside the barrel, we have the water(God's influence; love of God etc.) flowing into the barrel to clean it.

After the cleaning, so what happens? Well, in a logical context, one would use a plug and plug the hole to prevent the water from flowing out. The plug here, refers to the word of God. As it is mentioned in Luke 11:24-26, it basically says that a house that is swept and  in order will be invaded again by the demon that was commanded out of a house (person)  together with seven spirits more evil than itself. And here it means that when the barrel is clean of oil (impurities, sins in our lives) , we are to fill it with clean water (things of God ) into the barrel constantly and by enforcing our plugs (word of God) on that hole.

As the hole on the barrel also refers to the vulnerable spots that we had confessed and repented to God before, all the more that the hole should be "plugged " by the word of God. With that, the blessings of God shall not leak out from your life.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Road Not Taken

Oh Lord, may Your wisdom be upon me..and may You answer my prayers of whether to choose someone of whom I enjoy company with or someone who is deeply rooted in Your words..May Your will be done as I give thanks for the free will You had given me so I may choose my path instead of binding me by force and autocracy ..Lord may you intervene and I pray that with prayer and petition I will seek Your face and let not the smoke of desperation blind my eyes..In Jesus' name, Amen

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Stand In Awe

I can't believe that I am in third year of my studies already and inevitably, internships , curriculum vitae, cover letters will be part  of my studies in third year. Now I  can laugh at my juniors am praying hard as where I will be doing my internship and ultimately praying for my studies and my future career .

First week has been unlike previous semesters whereby we just laze around and wait for it to pass. Now we have to revise the things we learn in the previous semesters, and here it reminds me of just few months before  SPM  .

I think this year will be a year to adapt as friends studying in the faculty of business, design and biotech will be graduating, leaving us, the engineering students ..oh well, life's still good eh ?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Too early?

I suppose my previous post came in  a little too started quite okay but the consequent few days was sort of the down moment for me.

Someone I knew of passed away, another with cancer while one of my puppy died and another in the veterinary clinic now. I am not asking much but Lord I am relying on Your strength, please I need affirmation from You ! I pray that I am not wrong believing that You can turn around things ..please !